As part of our commitment to quality care, Village Health Care offers activity programming to keep you active and engaged.

There is never a boring day at Village Health Care. We put great emphasis on our activity programming, and are committed to providing fun ways to physically recover or spend time amongst friends. We know from experience that a full schedule of healthy activity options provides the best results. Each resident is given a calendar to keep them informed of upcoming events such as birthday parties, movies, musical programs, outings and other special events. Friends and families are always welcome to visit and attend our special events.

Whats on the calendar?

As a resident at Village Health Care, you can remove boredom from your vocabulary. We offer a full slate of on-site activities to keep your social calendar booked.

Animal Therapy

Some of the best therapists have fur, feathers, or fins. Animals have a way of bringing a smile to your faces and helping you relax.

Interaction with our animal friends has reduced residents’ blood pressure and had other positive physical and emotional effects. Our animal therapists are some of our favorite visitors, and they can be yours, too.

Music Therapy

If you love music or want to learn a new skill, take advantage of our music therapy program. Sing, play an instrument, or listen while others serenade the facility.

Music offers our residents a creative boost and has a soothing effect. Enjoy some terrific tunes and the connection that comes with making music to enhance your physical, cognitive, and emotional health.


Reading Club

Dive into a great book with our on-site reading club. You can give your brain a workout and discuss written works with other residents.

Bible Studies

If you want to maintain your spiritual health, we invite you to join our Bible study. Share, discuss, and seek understanding with other Village Health Care residents.

Game On

If you have a competitive streak or a playful side, you’ll love our regular game nights. We offer cards, bingo, darts, and bean bag toss. You can play to win or kick back and have fun with your fellow residents.

Snack Cart

We promote a healthy lifestyle here at Village Health Care, but everyone needs a treat now and again. Check out the snack cart for your favorite goodies.

Musical Performances

The joy of music promotes brain health and brighten any mood!

Current Event Updates

Stay informed with our current event updates.

Stretching Exercises

Keep your obdy in shape with our easy going series of stretching exercises.

Seasonal Celebrations

We love a good party at Village Health Care. We regularly come together as a community to celebrate holidays and special occasions.

Arts & Crafts

Discover your inner artist during regular arts and crafts sessions. Stretch your creative muscles and make something you can display for everyone to see

Field Trips & Outings

While we have plenty of activities to meet a variety of interests, you might want a change of scenery once in a while. We offer off-site outings so you can enjoy shopping or get a bite to eat at your favorite restaurant.

Spa Day

Ready to relax and pamper yourself? Get a manicure and other beauty treatments with our on-site spa days.

Cultural Events

Visit local historical sites and take part in different cultural actiities.

Reading The newspaper

Reading is essenial to brain health, what better way to stay up to date on the worl while keeping yourself healthy!


There isn't much more that's peaceful than gardening - get out in nature and nurture plants to life.

"This place has a fantastic care giving staff. Everyone is so helpful."

Former Patient