Nursing Services

Our nursing department provides excellent care combined with dignity for our residents. Professionally staffed around the clock, we give your loved one comfort and specialized care.

Social Services

Social services provide essential information, manage requests and concerns, coordinate appointments, maintain contact and open communication between the facility, families and the residents, and help in care planning and discharge planning for each resident.

Post-Acute Care

Our Post-Acute care is for those residents who are medically fragile and require additional attention. We seek to maximize the quality of life for our post-acute care population and offer them specialized rehabilitation services. Our goal is to maintain or improve each resident’s highest functional ability.

Activities Program

A positive and uplifting atmosphere is vital to the success of healing, recovery, and rehabilitation. Village Health Care employs outgoing and friendly professional staff to create social programs and activities to fit the residents’ needs. We provide a monthly activity calendar to each resident to keep them informed of upcoming events. Friends and family are always welcome to visit and attend our special events.


Each of our residents comes to us with very different and specific rehab needs. Our entire rehabilitation team is committed to creating individualized therapy programs that directly answer those specific needs. We encourage the resident to achieve their maximum potential of independence and ability.

Dietary Program

It should come as no surprise that there is a direct correlation with a healthy diet and recovery in rehabilitation therapy. Studies indicate that diet is a condition that can positively or negatively affect blood flow to the muscles. Foods rich in dietary nitrates such as oranges, watermelon, beets, and green vegetables can help aid the progress of post-acute care patients.

Fruits and vegetables will also aid in controlling the inflammatory process because they are rich in antioxidants. For more than 50 years, Village Health Care has provided post-acute rehabilitation therapy, long-term, and nutritionally based care health services.

Contact us to learn more about how Village Health Care can aid your recovery using nutrition and dietary tactics.

“To my pleasant surprise it was an amazing experience! The staff was friendly. The facility was clean. The food was great. The therapy I received was top notch."

Barbara A.